Mittwoch, 18. August 2010

We took Naughty machinima by storm

Hey Folks...yeah....we took Naughtymachinima by storm, didnt we.? We are ranked on top of the top featured Movies. Especially the Night at the beach with Skura and Adam probably was the reason our Movies getting some viewers and cool Reviews.

I also think our storyline is different to other Videos. Some one sent me a message and said:
I look forward to your releases, It is nice to see something other then girl in bedroom girl gets fucked in bedroom scene ends in bedroom, lol I love your work so keep it up and look forward to more releases

I think movies have to entertain not only your Cock and Pussy lol, but most of all your Brain or Imagination.
If i shoot a movie i am shooting from different angles and try to hide the obvious. I like to blur out the scene, making it colorful but also put the camera right on the Sexscene. Straight on tits pussy or cock. Yeah...the Straight scene mixed with some fantasy is a good mix.
We will continue this concept.
Our busty Ladies of Sl-teaser are also top notch. They are the most fun for me. Because i can concentrate on one girl. I want to bring her beauty and her dirty fantasy on film.
Sometimes 100MB upload on NM are not long enough to capture all this. Ususally its a 5 minute long teaser.
After releasing a bunch of movies, Silver Babes Productions getting a name out there for quality. The downside to all this is the request by so many People who wants to star in our movies.
I want to share some time with my regular crew like Faye, Keisha and my lovely Eos.
Eos is very special to me and right now we´re taking a little Break from making Movies for 2 weeks.
We´re not hiding from all of you. We just need our special cuddle time...-)
Ohh...and yes...while we cuddle we sort out all your Notecard applications and discuss our next movie projects .
Yeah....thats all for now!

All the best to you!

Your Silver Frakture


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