Mittwoch, 18. August 2010

We took Naughty machinima by storm

Hey Folks...yeah....we took Naughtymachinima by storm, didnt we.? We are ranked on top of the top featured Movies. Especially the Night at the beach with Skura and Adam probably was the reason our Movies getting some viewers and cool Reviews.

I also think our storyline is different to other Videos. Some one sent me a message and said:
I look forward to your releases, It is nice to see something other then girl in bedroom girl gets fucked in bedroom scene ends in bedroom, lol I love your work so keep it up and look forward to more releases

I think movies have to entertain not only your Cock and Pussy lol, but most of all your Brain or Imagination.
If i shoot a movie i am shooting from different angles and try to hide the obvious. I like to blur out the scene, making it colorful but also put the camera right on the Sexscene. Straight on tits pussy or cock. Yeah...the Straight scene mixed with some fantasy is a good mix.
We will continue this concept.
Our busty Ladies of Sl-teaser are also top notch. They are the most fun for me. Because i can concentrate on one girl. I want to bring her beauty and her dirty fantasy on film.
Sometimes 100MB upload on NM are not long enough to capture all this. Ususally its a 5 minute long teaser.
After releasing a bunch of movies, Silver Babes Productions getting a name out there for quality. The downside to all this is the request by so many People who wants to star in our movies.
I want to share some time with my regular crew like Faye, Keisha and my lovely Eos.
Eos is very special to me and right now we´re taking a little Break from making Movies for 2 weeks.
We´re not hiding from all of you. We just need our special cuddle time...-)
Ohh...and yes...while we cuddle we sort out all your Notecard applications and discuss our next movie projects .
Yeah....thats all for now!

All the best to you!

Your Silver Frakture

Sonntag, 15. August 2010

Amita Bellic is a stunning Beauty. She asked me to film her solo and i couldnt resist. Judge yourself. Would you say no???

Another sweet and busty Babe i met at the Ghetto. She got everything a man (or even a girl) is dreaming of. Enjoy this Latin girl..mmmmmm i so love my Job! Yay for Tits , Pussy and Ass

Montag, 9. August 2010

Sonntag, 8. August 2010

We did some really sexy Shooting at Night at the Beach with Sakura and Adam
Wow....they both been so cool and relaxed in this one.
I really love it.
Enjoy Part one
Part Two will be uploaded while you are watching

Donnerstag, 5. August 2010

Fuck da Police

We had so much fun filming this.
Featureing the hottie Keisha Monday
my always nawty Movie assistant Eos Tyran
andf the man himself..Sammie Portal with myself, playing the bad guys and teaching the police hotties a lesson.
Have fun

Sonntag, 1. August 2010

Aletia Brentley

Allllrightieeee....the Story with busty Beauties of SL continues with my Friend Aletia Brentley.
I am so sorry but since my Computer crash and after buying a new one i totally forgot where i have met this wonderful Lady.
Anyway...She was inviting me to her House and got a cool chat on her sofa....
Ohhhh..yes...and we did not only chatting

Silver Frakture‧: did you hear of SL?
Aletia Brentley‧: I used to be on this other chat program called IMVU...until one of my friends there told me about SL. I logged in, shopped like crazy and never looked back...
Silver Frakture‧: oh Imvu was dissapointing to you or why you like Sl ?
Aletia Brentley‧: Well, I am my view wasn't really as visually appealing as, it was too restrictive in what you could do. I thought SL really lives up to its name, one can do and be anything one here I am.
Silver Frakture‧: Ohh yes..and we´re really glad you´re with us. Seeing you all in your Beauty is fantastic. Is this Avi you have the one you like the mmost?

Aletia Brentley‧ laughs "This is the only avi I have....and I tried to sculpt it as realistically as possible."
Silver Frakture‧: realistic to what?
Silver Frakture‧: to your real persona?
Aletia Brentley‧: Realistic to my real self of course....the one sad thing about SL is that people don't put much effort....but in this world , its the avatars that make up the ambience....

Silver Frakture‧: i agree totally with you. But one question
Silver Frakture‧: not everyone looks as beauty in RL as the Sl avatar. Do think Sl has an effect of selfconfidence as in being a super model or Superhero?
Aletia Brentley‧: Sure, I mean. That's kind of the point, isn't it? To let the imagination fly. Most of the things people do in SL, I can't imagine that they do the same in real life...but living out your fantasies is part of the experience.
Silver Frakture‧: lets go down to the most intersiting part of this interview. How often you got SL Sex.?..:-)


Aletia Brentley‧ giggles "Too many times to count....really. I am kind of thrifty like that...."
Silver Frakture‧: hahaha..nice..what turns you on the most if you have a partner for the nawty stuff?
Aletia Brentley‧ chuckles "Ooh...well, that I'd have to go with a super strong personality...someone who isn't afraid to grab my ass and grope me right away..."
Silver Frakture‧: holy look so innocent saying that. So you like to be controlled and used i take it?
Aletia Brentley‧ blushes "Yeah, guess I am just tempted...except when my partner looks like a newbie...than I just feel pity and let him do what he wants anyway."

Silver Frakture‧: deserve a good looking guy with a lovely tush and a long hard cock, right?....And a good roleplayer ...its all about the imagination anyway
Aletia Brentley‧ chuckles " the Matrix says , if its real in your mind, its real...and there's nothing more pleasing that slurping on a long cock"
Aletia Brentley‧: Or preferably, more than one *laughs*
Silver Frakture‧: damn.,..thats some cool insights of you

Silver Frakture‧: now i cant keep my eyes of your big you mind showing me them to me?
Aletia Brentley‧ chuckles "Not at me take off the bikini?" and turns her back towards him

Silver Frakture‧: shit..i love my Job...laughs and helps her out the top...
her top sliding down
Aletia Brentley‧ giggles as she holds out her tits towards him....and presses his face into her cleavage "There you go Mr.Director"
Silver Frakture‧: oh my God...damn Girl you got some wood infront the house as we say in Germany
Aletia Brentley‧ laughs "The kind of wood that can be tasty too.."
Silver Frakture‧: ok...i am sorry but i cant interview anymore Cock is getting too hard now. Show me your Passion for big cock pls, will ya?

Aletia Brentley‧ giggles....and gets up...prancing over to the other couch....."Oh , of course...." , her eyes gleaming with mischief
Silver Frakture‧: uugghh Girl..this interview getting out of Control with you
Silver Frakture‧: in a good way tho

Aletia Brentley‧ slips down beneath him amazed at how fast he took off his pants and , plants a gently kiss on his cockhead
Aletia Brentley‧ giggles, holding his cock up with her fingers and squeezing it just as her tongue licks the shaft along its entire length...slowly...
Silver Frakture‧: damn....uugghh..i cant hold back really...
Aletia Brentley‧ looks up at him and smiles, opening her lips into a perfect O and sliding his cock inwards....flicking her tongue across the head
Silver Frakture‧: carefull..i might burst a load in your mouth
Silver Frakture‧: Ohh shit...stop it
Aletia Brentley‧ winks at him with his cock filling her mouth as he mentions his load and begins to bob up and down....letting the cock twirl inside...hitting the roof of her mouth, poking out of her cheeks like a lollipop
Silver Frakture‧: shit..there is precum already
Aletia Brentley‧ 's hands cup his balls as she begins to bob, her hands pressing and fondling his balls in sync to her bobbing head
Silver Frakture‧: fuck...lay on the sofa and spread your legs for me baby....Lemme get that hard pole into your wet cunt
Aletia Brentley‧ sighs and moans, arching her neck backwards and lets his cock slip into her throat....still moving back and forth as she remembers to breathe
Aletia Brentley‧ giggles and climbs onto the sofa, her legs up in the air and calls with a naughty slide of her finger

Silver Frakture‧: reaching down to my head slides in and out your wet dripping Pussy
Silver Frakture‧: rips off her bikini bottoms

Aletia Brentley‧ moans "Ummh.....oh yes Silver...." she quips , squirming under him and pushing her hips onto his cock

Silver Frakture‧: Ok baby...time to get Your daily mess?

Aletia Brentley‧ chuckles "But off course"

Aletia Brentley‧ sits between his legs, helping him jerk off as fast she can...
Aletia Brentley‧ giggles as she feels the spurts of his cum land on her "Wheee".....spreading it as it comes
Silver Frakture‧: woohhooo
Silver Frakture‧: awsome

Silver Frakture‧: what a hot interview

Aletia Brentley‧ smiles ..."Ummmh..." licking her lips..."So it was....thank so much for the delicious cum.."
Silver Frakture‧: Damnit...i cant wait to blog ya

Aletia Brentley‧ chuckles, feeling the dry cum on her skin "I should clean up"

Silver Frakture‧: lol..yeah you should

Thanks for the hot Interview Aletia...

Phheewwww...i need to meet her again. She promised to be part of our next video..
What ya Guys and Gals think, eh?